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The club meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at The Lake Hound
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The club enjoyed an off-site meeting at Haskett Funeral Home in Exeter. Our host and speaker for the evening was Colin Haskett - a fifth-generation funeral director who leads a family-owned company with a 140 year history. Colin presented a stimulating discussion about what happens after a death.
Among his words of advice:
  • Make it clear to your family who makes decisions about your funeral.
  • If you have questions, any funeral home will provide information free of charge.
  • If you travel, consider purchasing insurance to cover the cost of returning a body – it can be a costly process from many locations.
  • When someone dies while traveling, contact your local funeral provider for help with the arrangements.
  • Give some thought to your preferences for a funeral and communicate them with your family.
  • But don’t handcuff them – remember that you won’t be there!
  • Think outside the box, like the gentleman who attended his own funeral, nine days before he died.
Rotary's theme for the month of November is "The Rotary Foundation". In recognition of that theme, Pat Cavan, District 6330 Grants Committee Chair, spoke to the club about the Rotary Foundation.
  • Among her comments:
    • Rotary has had an impact in the world, increasing access to clean water and sanitation, and helping to raise more people out of extreme poverty.
    • The vision: Together people create change
    • Money donated to the Foundation is invested for three years, so that the interest earned can offset the cost of administration. As a result, Rotary has a high charitable rating – more than 90% of donations go directly to projects.
    • Individual clubs have input on how the district grants are made.
    • The Area Five global grant for 2024 will go to a water project in the mountains of Guatemala.
    • Last year 43% of members of the Grand Bend club gave to the Foundation, with seven qualifying for membership in the Paul Harris Society. A total of $35,630 was donated.
    • The “Every Rotarian Every Year” program requires that clubs gives at least US$100 per member each year, and each member gives at least US$25 per year.
Pat also presented two club awards. The Club ranked third in the district for per capita giving, and also received an award for participation in Polio Now. 
Our speaker was Anne Duffield who recently completed a Mental Health First Aid course and shared her learning with our club members.
Among the important information that Joan shared:
  • Mental health is a chemical imbalance in the brain—an illness like others.
  • We all have highs and lows within a “window of tolerance” – people with mental health issues are unable to get back to the centre.
  • Mental health issues include depression, addiction, mood disorders, anxiety disorder and panic attacks, suicidal ideation, psychoses.
  • Every year, one in 4 people struggles with mental health issues. Across a lifetime, it’s 1 in 2.
  • 30% of short and long-term disability is related to mental health issues
  • 4000 Canadians die by suicide every year
  • Mental health treatment is a puzzle that includes meds, counselling, support groups, life changes and more.
  • People learn to manage their illness, much as someone with diabetes does.
    At the Grand Bend Rotary Autumn Indulgence event held on Saturday, October 1 2022, President-Elect Kerry Teskey announced an extraordinary gift to the community from Peter and Esther Warner. Peter, a charter member of the Rotary Club, has served the Grand Bend community in many ways, including his role in founding the Rotary Trail. On receiving a standing ovation after the President-Elect’s announcement, Peter admits to feeling humbled by the response and outpouring of support for the project.
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