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Warner Wildlife and Nature Preserve

At the Grand Bend Rotary Autumn Indulgence event held on Saturday, October 1st, President-Elect Kerry Teskey announced an extraordinary gift to the community from Peter and Esther Warner. Peter, a charter member of the Rotary Club, has served the Grand Bend community in many ways, including his role in founding the Rotary Trail. On receiving a standing ovation after the President-Elect’s announcement, Peter admits to feeling humbled by the response and outpouring of support for the project.
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Portapique Build Up +

At our club meeting on August 17 we were inspired by the actions of the Truro, Nova Scotia with a presentation by Alana Hirtle. Here's a recording of the story of the build up project for the community of Portapique, NS that was ravaged by a traumatic mass-murder.
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Habitat For Humanity - Kettle and Stony Point

The Rotary Club of Grand Bend is a proud sponsor of the Habitat For Humanity build in Kettle and Stony Point.
On October 16 our club had the opportunity to actively participate in the - adding siding to one of the 4 homes being built.
Click the 'Read More' link for more photos ....
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