Paul Harris Fellows 

  • To help raise money for the Rotary Foundation in order to fund world-wide projects,  a donation of $1,000  can  allow people to be recognized as Paul Harris Fellows. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate and a pin. 
  • Our Club also has the distinction of having granted many Paul Harris Fellowship recognition to local non-Rotarians as recognition for outstanding work in the community.


       Current list of Rotary Club of Grand Bend recognized Paul Harris Fellows - both club members and non-members - include:


Bert Albertson
Shirley Ann Andraza
David Bannister
Glenn Bartlett
Robert Beath
Bryan Beattie
Gordon Britton
Geraldine Carey
Joseph Cassidy
Suzanne Davidson
Mary Dixon
Stephanie Donaldson
Bob Down
Frederick Edward
Maria Edwards
John Farrell
Ed Fluter
Carol Gledhill
William Green
Brian Hall
Irene Hall
Ted Haykus
Ron Hunt
Bob Hutchinson
Cam Ivey
Randi Ivey
Peter Janzen
Joan Johnson
Robert Kennedy
Henry Krech
Jacqueline Krech
Thomas Lawson
Ross McConnell
Dorinda McLeod
Deborah McNaughton
Jane Minielly
Susan Moore
Max Morden
Bradley Oke
Dorothy Peat
Peter Phillips
Donald Prowse
Mary-Margaret Prowse
Albert Raith
Saverio Rinaldi
Mary Ruston
Craig Scott
Robert Sharen
Bruce Shaw
George Shaw
Barbara Smits
John Smits
Jim Southcott
Daniel Steinwald
Don Tedford
Kerry Teskey
Chris Thompson
Marg Turnbull
Paul Turnbull
Peter Twynstra
Earl Wagner
Roger Wallis
John Walsh
Martin Ward
Peter Warner
Helen White
Ian Young
Mai Young
(updated July 19, 2023)